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8 Common Eye Myths Debunked By A Saskatoon Optometrist

We all grew up hearing nuggets of well intended information to keep us healthier and free from harm.  Below are  myths I heard growing up and those I regularly answer as an eye doctor.

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Myth #1: Eating Carrots Will Make You See Better

Fact: Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for a healthy retina. However, eating more of  them will not give you super-human visual abilities. Sorry, Mom!

Myth #2: Wearing Eyeglasses Makes Your Eyes Worse

Fact: This is simply not true. Vision changes will happen naturally throughout our lives  regardless if you wear glasses or not. If you need them, eyeglasses or contact lenses will simply help your eyes be more comfortable, keep your vision clear and make your life more enjoyable.

Myth #3: You Need To Wear Sunglasses During the Summer

Fact: Your eye's total exposure to UV light is the same regardless of the season. Sunglasses should be worn by your entire family all year long to protect you from the long-term irreversible effects of UV damage.

Myth #4 : If You Cross Your Eyes They Will Stay Like That

Fact: Yes, we all will get a few laughs, but your eyes are meant to move in (converge) and out (diverge). Sorry again, Mom!

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Myth #5: There's Nothing You Can Do About Preventing Sight Loss

Fact: 75% of vision loss is treatable or preventable. Life is worth seeing. Don’t gamble with your eyesight. Schedule regular eye exams with your eye doctor.

Myth #6: Reading In Dim Light Damages Your Eyes

Fact: Other than eye fatigue, reading in dim light will not cause any harm to your eyes. Plus, how else can we get all that extra comic book reading in?

Myth #7: When It’s Cloudy Outside, Don’t Worry About UV Rays

Fact:  90% of UV radiation penetrates through clouds on overcast days. UV rays are also reflected off of the road, snow, concrete, glass and water. Wearing your super-cool sunglasses all year round will protect those peepers from longterm harm.

Myth #8:  I Don’t Need An Eye Exam, I See Perfectly!

Fact: It’s great that you see well. As an eye doctor, I want everyone to continue to see great forever. But seeing well does not mean your eyes are healthy. Make a commitment to include regular visits to an eye doctor as an essential part of your health routine. It's just as important as seeing your family doctor or dentist. We will always welcome you with a smile!