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Your Best Vision Comes From More Than Eyeglasses: Ask Your Optometrist

Let's make a deal... Let's help you be amazing in 2018! Let's learn new things about ourselves (hint: eyes), have amazing new adventures, while enjoying old friends and making new ones. You with me?

You're probably thinking, "Come on now, how can my eye doctor help me be amazing? Isn't it the job of an optometrist to just test my eyes and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses?" Well...not quite.

Vision is fundamental to our human experience.

As an optometrist, protecting your vision and eye health is, without a doubt, our primary responsibility. However, eye doctors want to optimize all aspects of your eye health and eyesight allowing you to perform your best work, drive comfortably at night, and be eyestrain-less in front of computers. Most importantly, we want your time at the lake, or out on the slopes, even on that winter getaway to be filled with all the brilliant colours and clarity that are the basis of our priceless memories.

So that is the purpose of my blog: practical how-to information from this Saskatoon optometrist to you. Below is only a few things you will learn:

  • How new technology can benefit your vision, your night driving, and be more productive at work. Just to name a few.
  • How your eyes can be more comfortable and less irritated.
  • Learn the dangers of not taking off your makeup.


Challenge accepted!