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Eyewear is a unique expression of your personality.  Cool & casual, or colorful & passionate, your frames should express your life passion. Be yourself with awesome glasses!

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Eyeglass Lenses

Lenses are now high-def providing the most natural vision possible. Sharper vision in low light & reduced eye fatigue on the computer or your phone.

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Computer Glasses

Many people who use a computer or digital device for more than 2 hours a day may experience symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. New office solutions will keep you comfortable at work. Your eyes, neck, and back will thank you!

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Your eyes are 10 times more sensitive to the suns damaging rays than the skin. Great sunglasses provide your eyes with essential protection while allowing you to see our world for the vibrant experience it is. 

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Night Driving Glasses

Night driving doesn't have to be  a problem anymore. New Drivesafe lenses make night driving safer by reducing glare from an oncoming cars and street lights with a clearer view of the dashboard, rear-view mirrors, and the road ahead.

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Progressive Lenses 

Progressive lenses "No-line" bifocals have changed. These high-definition lenses are 100% customizable to your visual needs. They provide unsurpassed vision at any distance.

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Contact Lenses

Whether you're with friends or out at the lake, modern contact lenses are life-changing medical devices that provide comfort & clarity for all of life's adventures. Colored contact lenses even can change your eye color!

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Eye Strain Relief

Digital eye strain is experienced in 70% of people using digital devices. The Zeiss Digital Lens helps improve your eye comfort and reduce neck tension after hours on your phone or tablet.

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